Guo Jinglong Meets with Bach



(Beijing Daily) –On the morning of 19th, November, the Beijing municipal party secretary and excusive president of Beijing Olympics City Development Association, Guo Jinglong met with the chairman of International Olympics Committee, Thomas Bach’s group. It is the first time for Mr. Bach to visit China since he has been elected as the 9th chairman of the International Olympics Committee.

Guo Jinglong reviewed the hosting of Beijing Olympics Games, briefly introduced the preparations for Beijing to make use of the Olympics Games venue and carried forward the Olympics spirits. He said that Beijing was proud for hosting the Olympics Games, and the Beijing people thought that serving the Olympics as a volunteer was a happy memory.  After careful consideration, Beijing city and Zhangjiakou city would jointly bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games, to make which come to the country with the most people in the world. Hope that the International Olympics Committee would support Beijing as before. Beijing city and Zhangjiakou city would strive together to fulfill the promises made for bidding, so that to promote the Winter Snow & Ice Games development.

Bach spoke highly of Beijing’s contribution to the popularization and development of Olympics Games. He said that Beijing had accumulated rich experience in biding and hosting the Olympics Games. The International Olympics Committee favors Beijing in bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics Games.

The deputy chief of General Administration of Sport of China, Yang Shuan and the deputy mayor, Yan Xiaochao accompanied while meeting.


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