Xi Jinping Meets with Bach and Accepts the Olympics Gold Medal


(Xinhua News Agency 【Beijing】, November19th), President Xi Jinping met with the chairman of International Olympics Committee and accepted the Olympics gold medal on 19th on the Great Hall of the People.

Xi Jinping appreciated that the International Olympics Committee played a positive role in developing the sports and promoting the international peace and development. Mr. Xi pointed out that the sports can not only improve people’s health, but also promote mutual understanding and friendship among the peoples of the world. The Olympics spirits of unity, friendship and peach have lived in the Chinese’s heart. At the early era of reform and opening-up, the Chinese women's volleyball team achieved the world champion with the spirits of tenacious struggle and winning honor for the country. In the future process development, we need inherit and carry forward the spirits.

Xi Jinping emphasized that the Chinese government attached great importance to develop the sports by the strategy that construct the comprehensive well-off and bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In recent years, we had successfully host many international comprehensive sports and Mass Sports of International Olympics Committee, such as the Beijing Olympics Games, Paralympic Games and Guangzhou Asian Games etc. In accordance with the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, we will strive to improve people healthy and develop the mass sports and competitive sports synchronously, and step to the top-A sports country from the A-Z sports country.

Xi Jinping indicated that the second Youth Olympic Games shall be held on the August of the next year on Nanjing (China). At present, all kinds of preparations go on in order. We will carefully carry out our promises that host the event well with the guidance of International Olympics Committee. The Beijing city and Zhangjiakou city have applied to jointly bid for the 24th 2022 Winter Olympics Games. The Chinese hope that to promote the Olympics Games and winter items development with the good chance.

Bach appreciated the Chinese government’s support to the International Olympics Games. He indicated that the Chinese made great contribution to the international sports development. The success of Beijing Olympics Games leaves a great precious fortune for the world. Choosing China as my first visiting since I have taken my place means that the International Olympics Committee hopes to strength the cooperation with China. The International Olympics Committee is grateful to China for hosting the Youth Olympic Games on Nanjing, is satisfied with the preparation, and believes that it must be successful. We wish that China can be succeeded in bidding for the Winter Olympics Games.

Then, represented the International Olympics Committee, Bach awarded Xi Jinping Olympics gold medal to reward his outstanding contribution to promote the international sports and Olympics spirits.  Xi Jinping thanked the International Olympics Committee’s support to the Chinese Olympics Games Development for years, and promised that China will support the International Olympics Committee as before and strives for making greater contribution to the international Olympics Games.


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