The Chinese Sports Movies Gets Prize on Milan


On the 31th Milan International Sports Movie and TV Festival ended on December 9th, the Reunion after Eleven Years selected by the Beijing substation competition, gained the special prize on Lombard, the movie Butterfly Dream achieved Gold Circle Awards for the short movie competition, the Nine Years got the Gold Circle Awards for sports and social competition, and the movie channel, CCTV6 obtained 2013 Special Prize of Sports Passion for the Joint Association of the International Sports Movie and TV.

As the substation completion of Milan International Sports Movie for the global finals, Beijing International Sports Movie Week will start to officially collect works on April, 2013. During hosting the 9th Beijing International Sports Movie Week, nearly 100 latest domestic sports movie works registered for evaluation and selection. After evaluating and selecting, the 15 excellent works Chinese sports movies, represented by The Journey of Odyssey, Phoenix, Endless journey and Road on the Clouds, shortlisted in the competition of 7 competition units for the finial and were screened during the completion.

During the Movie and TV Festival, the “Beijing Screen”, hosted by Beijing Olympics Development Association, shall be held in the Milan municipal hall, Italy. The “Beijing Screen” contains three parts, which are the ceremony, Chinese Sports Movie Works screening and “ancient civilization, charm city” and the Chinese Sports Movie Works Exhibition. Include the Chinese excellent sports photography works, “ancient civilization, charm city” and Chinese Sports Photography Exhibition, which are represented by Tang Hui’ Olympics public image show, 1/1300000000 Chinese Face, and the explorer, Wang Jing’s Mount Everest photography works, and in all-side and multi-angle, they introduce the Beijing, combining with the traditional and modern city style, profound city culture and deposit, and Beijing’s spectacle in 2008 Olympics Games.

Founded in 2005, the Beijing International Sports Movie Week is an international sports movie communication and exhibition activity when Beijing is preparing the 2008 Olympics Games and also an important Olympics Games cultural heritage. Appearing on Milan (Italy) made fully use of the good opportunity of Olympics education activity, showed the and publicized the achievements gained by Beijing Olympics Games heritage inheritance and application in many aspects, strengthened the communication with international sports organization and Olympics Games hosting cities, enlarged the international influence of Chinese sports and promoted the Chinese sports movie development.





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