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Beijing-London Cultural Creative Industry Project Promotion and Signing Ceremony was held

On July 28th London time, Beijing-London Cultural and Creative Industry Project Promotion and Signing Ceremony was held on the 4th Beijing Olympic City Development Forum sponsored by Beijing Olympic City Development Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Beijing Sub-council and Beijing Cultural and Creative Industry Promotion Center. Vice-mayor of Beijing Liu Jinmin and Vice-chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development Association Jiang Xiaoyu attended the ceremony.

Taking advantage of the Olympic opportunity, excellent enterprises and projects of Beijing cultural and creative industry stepped in UK and expanded to Europe. Ten projects of nine cultural and creative enterprises of Beijing signed contracts on the ceremony. 798 Art District and China Music Village which gather city-level cultural and creative industries, Beijing Honav Culture Corporate and Beijing Crystal CG which provided products or service for London Olympic Games and had London branches, and Xiking Culture Media Co., Ltd, Beijing Harmony Culture and Creative Co., Ltd, Taihe Media Investment Co., Ltd and Beijing Huaxiang Cultural Development Co., Ltd which have regular cooperative projects in UK were on the list. The development and cooperation of these Beijing cultural and creative enterprises in UK also indicated the beneficial attempt and exploitation of Beijing cultural and creative industries in going out the country and moving to the world.

Projects which has been signed included the artistic creation of new 16 sceneries of Beijing and relevant products development cooperated by Beijing Honav Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Temple Island Collection, the marketing and promotion of 3D cartoon movie The Adventures of Jinbao in UK and Europe authorized by Universal Culture (Beijing ) Limited to Birchfield Group and Propeller TV Station, unforgettable visual experience provided by Crystal CG and Tate Science and Technology Co., Ltd. of UK to global audience, the digital music copyright cooperation and sales of Taihe Rye Music Company in European market authorized by Taihe Media Investment Co., Ltd. to CCA Copyright UK Ltd, UK-Sino movie and television copyright mutual import and film-making cooperated by Beijing Huaxiang Cultural Development Co., Ltd. and Director Guild of Great Britain, mutual art exhibition held by Beijing 798 Cultural and Creative Industry Investment Co., Ltd and Art Interlink of UK and the China-Europe copyright trade cooperation project signed between Beijing Harmony Culture and Creative Co., Ltd and IVCA.

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