Xi Jinping’s Presence at Winter Olympics Shows Peace and Harmony, Which will promote China Sports


Wei Jizhong, former Secretary General of Chinese Olympic Committee

President Xi Jinping met with Russian President Vladimir Putin for several times, which not only contributed to their personal relationships of China-Russia leaders, but also helped lay solid foundation for good relations between two countries. Moreover, Xi Jinping is very familiar with Olympic sports and International Olympic Committee.

During 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Xi Jinping then as the vice-president of China took charge of various important affairs for Central Government, including both internal and external affairs of Beijing Olympics. He also watched some sports events and met IOC leaders and its committee members.

Doctor Bach of IOC, who took office last year, visited Beijing and endowed on behalf of IOC President Xi Jinping with Olympic Order.

Therefore, Xi Jinping is very familiar with Olympic Games and he himself also has in-depth knowledge and unique view on sports cause.

No wonder Olympic sports and Olympic Games is really a fair grand gathering all over the world. People from any country or region, not only athletes or young man, but also people from every level of society, no matter government officials or ordinary volunteers all have the same right to attend Olympic sports games. Such grand meeting will be bound to attract attentions from every corner of the world. Directed under the same rule and order, all participators will feel free and joyful. This shows all human beings are longing for peace and harmony on earth.

It's the first time a Chinese president has attended Olympics and become one with the whole world. His presence at Olympic Games undoubtedly showed his encouragement and promotion on Olympic sports. Alike Olympic Games, the great significance of Xi’s attendance on the event also will be about far more than just sport. I believe President Xi Jinping will evaluate the development of world Olympic Games, which will inspire new contents and concepts on the realization for Olympic dreams..

President Xi Jinping attends Winter Olympics in Sochi and will go to meet athletes of our country. It is also a forceful push on our winter sports, which still need great efforts in its development. In the same time, it also will promote the development of our sports cause and sports reform.

The definition of wealth is that the valuable things people cherish. As is known health is invaluable. For the sake of this invaluable health of all Chinese people, our party and government made great efforts on our sports facilities and medical cares. These efforts indeed accomplished a great deal. President Mao Zedong once said government need to develop sports and help to improve people’s physical health.  

As Olympics advocates the motto that “focus on participation”, President Xi Jinping cherishing good wishes of all Chinese people, went in person with people from all over the world to celebrate Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Thanks to the great attention of President Vladimir Putin in the preparation and organization of this Winter Olympics.Wish a complete success on President Xi Jinping’s visit and wish a complete success on Winter Olympics in Sochi.(From China Network)


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