Xi Jinping Visited the Chinese delegation



This picture shows the closely conversation between Chairman Xi and athletes. The picture is provided by Xinhua News Agency.

Chairman Xi Jinping pointed out that, “All of your speech are extraordinary remarkable. I know that at the eve of international competitions like the Winter Olympic Games, you are in face of so many challenges. However, you should always keep confident, which stem from the commitment to the country. Clearly, you have been prepared this competition for a long time and it is now the exact time that you try all your best to achieve more success and win more medals. Apparently there will always be strong competitors in every program all the time. Still, it is not whether or not you can win the medal or  how many medals you can win, it is your pursuit of the glory Olympic spirit-self-energetic, self-challenging and self-exceeding. I wish that every one of you can keep calm at the meanwhile do your best to win.”

Chairman Xi Jinping also noted, “As the athletes and the representatives, I hope that you can show your respect to the Olympic spirit, to the Chinese sports’ spirit, to your competitors, to the honorable judges, to the audiences and to the Olympic rules. Don't get conceited because of victory or disheartened in case of defeat. Please do show your great honor to the competition rules and ritual, the good behavior of China, trying to make contribution to the application for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in China. ”

Moreover, Chairman Xi Jinping stressed that, Chinese sports have been extremely improved for a long term, and some of the programs are our outstanding advantages, which is very excited to mention. In addition, we have also made big progress in some programs, which are very satisfactory. At the same time, we should also note that there are still big gap between our country and other developed countries when compared with their advanced technique. However, I still have faith that we can definitely catch up and become a really strong country in sports as long as we keep going onwards.

Chairman Xi Jinping then addressed, “We have been successfully held the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games which make the centennial Olympic dream come true. Now we are much closer to the prosperity than any other time before. The dream of every one of us and the dream of being strong country in sports are so closely connected with the Great Chinese Dream. Therefore, I hope you can cherish this rare opportunity and good conditions we have now, and try to express our best side to the world, to strive for more honors and win more medals. All the best with you and hope all of you a great New Year.”

The speech of Chairman Xi Jinping excited all the athletes, coaches and faculty. They all expresses their wish to do their best and try to achieve more successes, to gain more glory for our country and try to satisfy what Chairman Xi Jinping’s and all Chinese people expectation. Every athlete has his/her own Olympic dream. What we will do is to gather all these dreams together and achieve the greatest dream –the Great Chinese Dream.

After the conference, the athletes; representatives introduced in great details the skiing and skating equipments to Chairman Xi Jinping. Chairman Xi Jinping listened to the introduction carefully, and told these athletes to take good care now and then, and try to enjoy every minute in and out of the court.

The athletes’ representatives Pang Qing and Tong Jian presented to Chairman Xi Jinping the delegation costumes in the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Chairman Xi Jinping also took photos with all the members of the Chinese delegation.

Wang Huning, Li Zhanshu, Yang Jiechi and other people also attended this ceremony.


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