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List the three highlights of Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Day

Information from Morning Paper (by Journalist Wang Hailiang): Olympic City Sports Culture Day arrives following the midsummer! This year, Sports Culture Day will bring in “Color Running”, “Fixed Gear Cycle”, “Cage Football” and other new sports events for the first time, also hold Triathlon Tournament open to the citizens, and fans all can sigh up to participate in.

This year is the fifth year since Beijing Olympics was held successfully, during August 8 to 18, the 4th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Day will be held in held in the Beijing Olympic Park with the theme of “sports makes city healthier”. Compared with previous terms, the Olympic City Sports Culture Festival this year implants more interactive activities and presents various features, and carries out Summer Square of National Fitness, the 9th Beijing International Sports Film Week, the 5th International Architecture Art Biennial Exhibition, Tour Beijing Cycling Promotion Riding, Color Running and other core activities.

The Olympic City Sports Culture Day is sponsored by People’s Government of Beijing and Beijing Olympic City Development Association, undertaken by Management Committee of Olympic Park, Beijing Xin’ao Group Co., Ltd and Beijing Bei’ao Group Liability Co., Ltd. 

Highlight 1

Olympic City Triathlon Tournament

Combined with the occasion where nowadays people love running, the festival is well planned Olympic City Triathlon Tournament, and combined the Bird Nest and Water Cube together for the first time. Triathlon contestants will complete Water Cube Swimming, Riding in the Olympic Central Area and Running in Bird Nest three difficult movements. Triathlon is open to the society and all fans can sign up to participate in.

Highlight 2

Color Running is first introduced into China.

Is it dreamy to run in colorful world? The Sports Culture Day is decided to hold “Color Running” fun sports events introduced from America for the first time on August 10 in Yuanbo Garden. Then the field will be closed, each kilometer set a color station within the full length of 5 kilometers, including yellow, green, red, blue and purple given out from the taken bag. When the contestants run to the color station, working staff and volunteers throw edible color powers to participants.

Highlight 3

Fixed Gear Cycle is first brought in

The Sports Culture Day first brings in “Park Football”, “Fixed Gear Cycle”, “Happy Football” and “Cage Football” and other fun fitness events with easy rules, as fashion sports with integration of leisure entertainment and intense athletics. The fun experiencing areas are set for tourists to feel the wonderful experience brought by fashion sports.

Summer Square of National Fitness

Activity time: August 8 to 14

Activity region: Central Area of Olympic Park

Activity content: Summer Square of National Fitness of the Sports Culture Day has the theme of “Fashion Sports”; set theme active area, events presentation area, fashion leisure area and brand culture area four large parts and more than 10 items of activities. Citizens can participate in Triathlon Tournament, Cage Football, Park Football, Fixed Gear Cycle, and outdoor climbing these most fashionable sports events in the current. 

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