“Autumn Flower Show” Is Kicked off in Beijing Olympic Forest Park


From September 28 to October 28, 2014, “the 3rd Flower Appreciation Season of Beijing Olympic Forest Park—Autumn Flower Show” is held in “Rustic Charm in Flower Land”, North Park of Beijing Olympic Forest Park.

On west side of “Rustic Charm in Flower Land”, there is main exhibition area for cosmos. Covering dozens of mu, cosmos sway with the wind and show graceful posture, with full of autumn charms. Cosmo boasts elegant leaf and rich color, which is widely cultivated in Tibet. Cosmo is also known as “Galsang Flower”, which is a famous type of ornamental flowers.

Zinnia Apprecation Area, which is on east side of “Rustic Charm in Flower Land”, marks the first attempt for large-scale mixed cultivation practices. In blooming season, white, yellow, orange, pink, pink, purple and other colored flowers look glamorous like dancing elves. Zinnia is also dubbed as “Rising Higher Step by Step” because of ascending flowers, increasingly lush flowers and flowers in bloom for hundreds of days, which is dedicated to the holidays and festivals.

West slope, backing on mountains on east side of wetlands of South Park, is also the best place for appreciating chrysanthemum. Blooming chrysanthemum is lined with red autumnal leaves over the slope. This is indeed the best portrayal of Beijing in golden autumn.

It is reported that during Autumn Flower Show, special battery cars will shuttle in Beijing Olympic Forest Park. Fast food and other services will be also available in various flower appreciation areas.


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