Robots will be Introduced in 2016 Olympic Games


Britain, May 22 (Daily Mail) - Brazilian Government has spent 4.2 million pounds (about 38.72 million yuan) purchasing a batch of PackBots, which will be used to clean up the road and search for explosives in 2016 Rio DE Janeiro Olympic Games.    

The battery-powered PackBot can climb stairs and the slope with the ramp angle of 60 degrees or less with the maximum operating speed is 9.3 kilometers per hour, and it can also conduct the underwater operations with the maximum dive depth of 3 feet (about 0.91 meters). It is equipped with the function of GPS navigation, and it can avoid the collision and bypass the obstacles of itself.

It is reported that the PackBot has displayed its prowess on the battlefield in Iraq. It can go to the places that may threaten the safety of human life to check the dangerous goods and fetch the data.


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