Japanese government committee votes for the Fueiho law relaxed


May 12 (Kyodo News Service) On May 12, a Japanese government committee voted unanimously for the Fueiho law or the Entertainment Business Control Law that bans dancing at nightclubs to be relaxed on a regulatory reform.

According to Mainichi, the committee will work with the National Police Agency and present its findings in June. The National Police Agency remains wary of revising the law because it thinks the noise and juveniles going to dancing clubs have been social problems.

Some Japanese musicians and cultural people believe that the Fueiho law fails to specify its restriction standards, thus hindering the growth of healthy dancing culture. Considering the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, the regulation reform pointed out that it is necessary to leverage dancing culture to spur urban construction and to attract foreign tourists.

According to the findings, it is suggested to delete the Article 3 of Clouse II from the acting Fueiho law to allow dancing and having meals at nightclubs after 11 p.m. In addition, new administrative methods also needed to be formulated for the noise and violent disputes according the committee.


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