Rio 2016 Organising Committee: IOC was “ill-informed and bluntly wrong”


July 30 ( Referring to the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, people are reminded of its delayedpreparations and have concerns whether the opening ceremony will kick off on schedule in 2016. The Rio 2016 Organising Committee pointed out that the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Vice President John Coates“was ill-informed and bluntly wrong,” and “huge progress” had been made in preparations.

Earlier, International Olympic Vice President John Coates claimed Rio de Janeiro's preparations for the 2016 Games were the "worst" he had ever witnessed in a statement. Mario Andrada, Executive Director, Communications, Rio 2016 Organizing Committee, argued the Coates’ criticisms were based on wrong information.

“We are not the worst. We can prove that beyond any reasonable doubt.”

Andrada said that the point was actually the “staffing.”

“One of his complaints was about staffing—that was not us being lazy or late but us humbly disputing with the IOC the need for more people at this point.”
He added that the successful football World Cup in Brazil, a good sign for the organizing committee.

“…we have no problems here, we are on track, on time.”

However, Guanabara Bay, where the Olympic sailing competitions will take place in 2016, is still facing pending water pollution.

Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, may break his promise to improve 80 percent waters into the Guanabara Bay, while the first Olympic sailing test event will be held next week.


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