Li Yanzhe Secures First Gold for China at Winter Youth Olympics


Theyoung athlete Li Yanzhe from Heilongjiang won the gold medal in men’s 500-meterspeed skating at the second Winter Youth Olympic Games on February 13. With atotal score of 71’95’’, it is the first gold won by the Chinese delegation atthis year’s Winter Youth Olympic Games.

Inthe finals, Li finished the game at 35’98’’ in the first attempt and 35’96’’ inthe second, securing the gold medal for 71’95’’ in total, beating rivals fromFinland, the US, Russia, Poland and other countries and regions.

Lihad recently competed at the National Winter Games held in Xinjiang in Januarythis year, and made it to the Top 3 for men’s 500-meter speed skating.

Thisyear’s Games consist of 70 events under 15 disciplines of seven sports (biathlon,bobsleigh/skeleton, luge, curling, ice hockey, ice skating and skiing). Around 1,100athletes aged between 14 and 18 from some 70 countries and territoriesregistered for competing this year.

Inthe first Winter Youth Olympics held four years ago, the Chinese delegation wasranked second on the league table with seven gold, four silver and four bronzemedals.


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