China Makes Breakthrough with Gold in Biathlon Relay at Winter Youth Olympic Games, with Another Win in Speed Skating


Yangtse Evening Post - On February 17(Beijing time), the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games unveiled its sixth day ofcompetition in Lillehammer, Norway. In the biathlon single mixed relay, Chineseathletes Zhu Zhenyu and Meng Fanqi won gold medal for 41’35’’4, making yetanother breakthrough in an event monopolized by Nordic countries. Team 6,joined by Shen Hanyang, won gold in speed skating mixed NOC team sprint for1’57’’85.

Biathlon single mixed relay

China sent Zhu Zhenyu and Meng Fanqi tocompete in the event. Having attracted much attention for their performance insingles, the pair have delivered an equally dazzling performance today. MengFanqi overtook Norway to secure the first place for 9’30’’4 in the first round.Zhu Zhenyu finished the second round for 9’56’’8, ranking in the 20thplace among all athletes. The Top 2 players in this round are Finland andRussia. After working out the total score, China’s rankings dropped to thetenth place for 19’27’’2. Finland topped the chart for this round.

In Round 3, Meng Fanqi made anothersuccessful attempt by securing a score of 9’32’’9, again securing the top spotand rewriting China’s score as 29’0’’1, propelling the team’s ranking up to thefourth place. Norway topped the chart thanks to the marvelous performance bythe female athlete Johansson.

In the last round, Zhu Zhenyu gave itall in and finished the race at 12’35’’3, ranking in the third place among allplayers, and crystallizing China’s total score at 41’35’’6. The best score inthis round was won by a Russian athlete who finished at 12’17’’8, makingRussia’s total score 41’50’’3. The second best score belongs to a Czech player,at 12’33’’9. The previously leading Norway team sent out its last player whofinished at 12’39’’1, securing a spot in the fourth place, crystallizingNorway’s score at 41’35’’6. China won the gold medal by a thin margin of 0.1second. Norway got silver and Russia got bronze. France lost out by amillisecond, finished in the fourth place.

Speed skating mixed NOC team sprint

Speed skating mixed NOC team sprint alsotook place today, with Team 6 — consisting of Shen Hanyang and three otherplayers from Italy, Mongolia and Korea — won the gold medal for 1’57’’85. Team3, joined by Li Huawei and Li Yanzhe, ranked in the sixth place for 1’59’’20.Team 2, joined by Han Mei, ranked in the tenth place for 2’0’’79.


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