Meeting for Mobilising Preparations for Winter Olympics Convened in Beijing


Beijing Daily – The meeting for mobilising preparations for WinterOlympics was convened in the afternoon of March 25 where the teachings ofGeneral Secretary Xi Jinping were studied.

Addressingthe meeting, Guo Jinlong, Secretary of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, saidthat President Xi was briefed about the progress on the preparations for theOlympic and Paralympic Winter Games Beijing 2022. He said that President Xi haddelivered an important speech proposing clear requirements for thepreparations. He said that efforts should be made for rigorously implementingthe spirit of President Xi’s speech while aligning everyone’s mindsets andactions with the decisions of the State. All stakeholders should be united for workinghard with a heightened sense of political duty and historic mission, so as tocomplete the preparatory tasks with a high standard. The aim is to deliver afantastic, extraordinary and excellent edition of Winter Olympics that augurswell with the CPC Central Committee, the public and international society atlarge. Wang Anshun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Beijing Municipal Committee and Mayorof Beijing, was also present on the occasion.

Theteachings of General Secretary Xi Jinping from his important speech delivered atthe presentation of Winter Olympics preparations progress, and the teachings ofZhang Gaoli from the second plenary of the Beijing 2022 Steering Group, weredisseminated during the meeting, so as to further align the mindsets of allstakeholders and mobilise citywide resources for adequate preparations for theevent.

Inhis speech, Guo Jinlong stressed on interpreting the significance andconnotations of President Xi’s speech on a deeper level. He said that awarenessshall be raised on the importance of adequately preparing for the WinterOlympics and Paralympics. He said that such efforts were essential for reinvigoratingthe national spirit, demonstrating China’s reform and opening-up accomplishments,reinforcing the projection of China’s soft power and its internationalinfluence, rolling out coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region,and ensuring countrywide penetration of winter sports. This will ensure that everyoneproperly undertakes one’s responsibility and convert one’s mission into a powerfuldriving force for effectively dedicating one’s time and energy to the preparatorytasks.

Moreover,the preparations for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics ought to be closely syncedwith the strategic positioning of the cities, coordinated regional development,dissemination of the Chinese culture, enhancement of social civilisation, augmentationof international engagement and popularisation of winter sports, while pursuinghigh standard and quality in everything we do. Additionally, efforts shall bemade to coordinate and cooperate with the relevant agencies of the State andthe provincial government of Hebei, so as to align efforts and resources andorderly roll out all preparatory tasks.

Furthermore,Guo Jinlong required mobilising all available resources for the preparations.He stressed that efforts should be made for hosting corruption-free Olympics inline with the five-prong development philosophy of innovation, coordination, greenness,openness and sharing.

First,the schedule should be strictly adhered to and the venue construction should beexecuted on high quality standards. As many as 17 out of 25 competition andnon-competition venues for the Games will be located in Beijing. Thus, wellthought-out construction plans must be developed on scientific and logical groundsfor building high-quality projects and ensuring that the construction iscompleted before the test events.

Second,the development of related facilities must be expedited. In particular, for theprojects closely linked to the events, construction work should be scheduled andexecuted in accordance with the test events in 2020, ensuring that allassignments are completed on time.

Third,significant efforts should be made for furthering the penetration and growth ofwinter sports. The development of winter sports industry should be expedited formeeting the diverse demand of the public and enhancing their physical health. Moreover,continued efforts must be made for improving the level of these sports inBeijing, so as to ensure a high rate of participation in 2022 Winter Olympicsand Paralympics and contribute to the development of winter sports in China.

Fourth,the Chinese civilisation must be popularised. Promotional events for the Games shouldbe organised for creating an atmosphere wherein people care about, support andget involved in Winter Olympics. Moreover, cultural and educational activities shouldbe extensively carried out in schools and residential communities for raisingawareness on the Winter Olympics and winter sports. There is a need to deeply engagein promotion and projection of the Chinese dream and core Socialist values whilecontinuing to roll out volunteer services, so as to constantly uplift the levelof civilisation in the city.

Fifth,international communication and collaboration must be further enhanced. Theprinciple of openness should be complied with in hosting the Olympics whilemaintaining close contact with the International Olympics Committee (IOC), the InternationalParalympic Committee (IPC), the international federations for winter sports andother sports organisations. Moreover, ties must be strengthened with the IOC CoordinationCommission for Beijing 2022 to jointly roll out the preparations. Furthermore,lessons should be drawn from the experiences of previous host cities of theOlympic Winter Games and the preparations for the Games should be taken as anopportunity for integrating the Olympic elements into internationalcommunication and collaboration on culture, education and trade, among otherareas.

Sixth,the coordinated development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei region must beexpedited. The preparations should be integrated with regional development.Certain reform and innovation policies on coordinated development should bepiloted for guiding the implementation of the strategy of coordinateddevelopment of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. Moreover, the construction ofconvenient transport links should be expedited and transportation betweenBeijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou must be enhanced. Additionally, environmentalprotection efforts should be reinforced, focusing on air pollution, so as to ensurethat the World Health Organisation’s standards are met when the 2022 WinterOlympics unveils. Furthermore, joint development and sharing of public servicesshould be kept in mind, so that the preparations may benefit as many people aspossible.

Duringthe meeting, Guo Jinlong stressed raising awareness about the politicalsituation and the macro environment, while understanding the essence andremaining aligned with the cause. He explained that such awareness was necessaryfor cashing in on the institutional, organisational and innovation advantages.He said the aim was to adequately undertake responsibilities as the host city andadequately perform the duties of Beijing 2022. Moreover, he said that effortsshall be made to ensure smooth handover of responsibilities and assignments, besidesgetting the public involved and mobilising citywide resources to accomplish allpreparatory tasks. The goal is to present to the world a fantastic,extraordinary and excellent edition of the Winter Olympics, while making newerand larger contributions for achieving the “two 100th anniversaries”objective and realising the Chinese dream of great national rejuvenation.


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