First Online Sharing Session Held at 16th Beijing International Sports Film Week


The first online sharing session of the 16th Beijing International Sports Film Week was held on August 14. It was chaired by Ding Shuo, director of the Beijing Olympic Legal Affairs Research Society, and joined by three guests: Wang Yong, senior reporter of Xinhua News Agency; Ma Jian, famous basketball commentator; and Yi Zuqiang, teacher at the Beijing Film Academy. Based on their expertise and personal experience, they shared their views on “how to use sports videos to publicize the winter Olympics”. Their lucid analysis and insightful views received many likes from netizens.  

All of these three Guests expressed high expectations of the development of the Beijing International Sports Film Week, and their opinions on the promotional function of sports videos.

Yi Zuqiang analyzed from the perspective of media communication and held the opinion that the core of video communication lies in how to use videos to tell the Chinese story and spread China's image. The emblems and mascots of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, as strong and representative symbols, are a good interpretation of the Winter Olympics spirit and Chinese culture, and need further exploration. In addition, he pointed out that cross-media videos would definitely bring more perspective and detail, and thus push audiences to go deeper, which is conducive to raising the public's perception and awareness of the Olympics.

Wang Yong said that from his more than 20 years of experience of covering the Olympic Games, he realizes the importance of videos to spread the Olympic spirit and popularize professional sports. The iterative upgrade of video technology has been changing the direction and dimension of communication from one-way (TV era) to mass participation and interaction (Internet era). The immediacy and freshness of video dissemination brought about by the development of media convergence is attracting more people to take a fancy to winter sports.

Based on his own experience, Ma Jian pointed out that without the birth and dissemination of videos, there would not be development and popularization of modern Olympic sports. Professional videos can not only have an exciting visual impact, but also effectively capture the development and innovation for details of sports technology. After entering the era of short video, video will take the task of providing substantial points, and then change the content of sports life. This half-hour sharing online sharing session was simultaneously broadcast on multiple video platforms such as Tencent Sports, Tencent Video, PP Sports, PP Video and Bilibili at 14:00 on August 14.  

As an important part of the film week, three sharing online sharing sessions were held around three themes:sports, films and the Winter Olympics. Senior professionals from various fields were invited to look into the future of the sports industry and share their personal opinions.

The other two sharing sessions would be held on August 15 and 16 from 10:00 to 10:30 on major video platforms. The themes were "Contribution of Sports Video for the Development of Sports in China" and "Role of Sports in Fighting the Covid-19 Pandemic". 


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