Beijing 2022 revises the emblem for Olympic Winter Games to match IPC’s new logo


After the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) upgraded its emblem in October 2019, the emblem for the Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympic Games and the combined picture of the emblems of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games were upgraded and released on September 9, the 12th anniversary of the Beijing 2008 Summer Paralympic Games, CCTV reported on September 9.

After consultation with IPC, the update includes redrawing and recoloring the three arc elements of the IPC logo on the lower part of the emblem to match its new logo, and remove "PARALYMPIC GAMES" in the original design. The emblem looks more vigorous with the modification.

The old versions of the emblems for the Paralympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games included "PARALYMPIC GAMES”, which are removed in the new version.

2-14-北京冬残奥会会徽修改 对标国际残奥委会新标志-final331

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games use the same logo as the emblem for the first time. The Los Angeles 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games use a dynamic emblem unveiled in September 2020. Like the Beijing Winter Paralympics, the Paralympic Games in Paris and Los Angeles removed "PARALYMPIC GAMES" from their emblems. 


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