How many of these classic foreign films screened in BISFW have you seen?


In 2005, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese film, the first Beijing International Sports Film Week (BISFW) had a grand opening at the historical moment when the Olympic Movement met with Chinese films.

As early as during the first BISFW, about 10 outstanding sports-theme movies from Thailand, Canada, France and the United Kingdom were presented. These excellent movies made by filmmakers from all over the world from 1934 to 2005 record the wonderful moments of sport and express the unremitting pursuit of the Olympic spirit by people all over the world.

We reviewed the classic films screened and solicited during the 16 years of the BISFW and compiled a list of the excellent foreign films screened during the BISFW.


2005: Seabiscuit (United States)

Seabiscuit won seven Academy Awards nominations including Best Picture. This is an American sports film released in 2003 based on Laura Hillenbrand's best-selling non-fiction Seabiscuit: An American Legend.

The film tells the life and racing career of a purebred horse named Seabiscuit. This small and short horse is easily overlooked but its unexpected success causes a huge media sensation in the United States during the Great Depression, bringing optimism, confidence, courage and hope to the American people in difficult times.

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2006: Crying Fist (Republic of Korea)

The film tells the story of two men fighting for their livelihoods in an inevitable do-or-die duel.

In the film, Kang Tae-seok, who had stormed the boxing world, loses all his wealth and accumulates huge debts because of untempered gambling. After a series of blows, he wants to end everything by killing himself, but still can’t give up his beloved boxing. So, he decides to participate in a big boxing match against Yoo Sang-hwan, who was once a gangster. Boxing is the only solace in his life and he becomes Tae-seok's last opponent.

The film won the International Critics Society Award of the 58th Cannes International Film Festival Directors' Fortnight Award, and was nominated for the 42nd Dae Jong Film Awards for Best Film.


2009: Water Boys (Japan)

The film is a comedic story of five high school teenagers being forced to learn synchronized swimming.

Summer vacation is approaching but the swimming club of a boys' high school has only one member, Suzuki, and is on the verge of collapse. A young female swimming teacher, Sakuma, joins the school, and attracts many students to the swimming club. But, after learning that the female teacher was going to teach water ballet, only five members stay on.

Suzuki meets a weird dolphin trainer at Ocean World, and asks the trainer to train the students like dolphins. So, the boys start their training at Ocean World. Will they succeed? Will they be as graceful as dolphins?

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2012: Rebels on the Football Field (Brazil)

The 8th BISFW has a major highlight: the organizing committee announces close cooperation with the Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs (FICTS) for the first time. From the participants of the Sport Movies & TV - Milano International FICTS Fest, nearly 30 excellent overseas sports films and television works are selected to entertain Chinese audiences, and Rebels on the Football Field is one of them.

The film tells the stories of several football players who insist on being themselves and stay unaffected when commerce begins to corrode the sports world. They are: Algeria’s Mekloufi, Brazil’s Socrates, Bosnia and Herzegovina's Pasic, Chile’s Caszely and Ivory Coast’s Drogba.

These five players have either participated in controversial matches on the field or resisted evil forces. They are leaders of resistance and rebellion on the field, and their influence far exceeds their achievements on the field. The film reaffirms the value of sports to the public through five stories.

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2016: Eddie, the Eagle (UK)

The film tells the story of the famous British ski jumper Eddie Edwards' persistent pursuit of his dream, presenting the Olympic dream of ordinary people.

Eddie is an alpine skier but because of fierce competition in this event, switches to ski jumping and travels to Germany for training. Eddie overcomes various difficulties, represents Great Britain at the World Championships in 1987 and qualifies for the 1988 Winter Olympics. Although he had neither an impressive record or won a medal, he is still a memorable athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics. The "Eagle Rule" in the International Olympic Code was framed because of him.

At the conference for a special screening of the film during the 12th BISFW, Hugh Jackman the "Wolverine" and the film Ace Agent’s star Taron Egerton interacted with Chinese fans and ski lovers. Edwards and Guo Dandan, the Chinese champion in freestyle skiing, performed a ski show.

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