100 brisk walking events to be held before the opening of Beijing 2022


On the occasion of the 500-day countdown of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, a launch ceremony for the 11th Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival National Fitness Summer Square and "Countdown to 2022 Winter Olympics" brisk walking event was held on September 22 at Beijing Olympic Forest Park.

Gao Yunchao, deputy secretary general of Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA), said the brisk walking event covered a distance of 3 kilometers and about 200 participants.


The event started at 9:42 am. It emphasized participation and did not record racing speed, time or ranking.

Participants were residents from sub-districts of Olympic Village, Asian Games Village and Xueyuan Road, members of Beijing Olympic Games Community, and members of the running group of Jiusan Society.

At 10 am, participants completed the 3-kilometer walk and arrived at the finish line. Guo Yi, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal Committee of Jiusan Society said that about 50 members from the running group of Jiusan Society participated in the event, "This is a national fitness event, and it’s very significant for us to participate, showing our expectations for the Winter Olympics."

Liu Jingmin, executive vice chairman of the Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA), said that the launch of the Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival was a memorable event. Ten editions of the Sports Culture Festival were held, building a platform for health and fitness and interactive communication for the public. It has become a theme event that passes on the Olympic legacy, promotes national fitness and assists in the preparation for the Beijing Winter Olympics.


“From today until the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, a total of 100 brisk walking events will be held within 500 days,” Liu Jingmin said, people can participate in the 20.22-kilometer cloud route activity without any limits on time and place, and/or thematic route activity, and usher in the Beijing Winter Olympics by covering 2,022 kilometers in 500 days.

"Let us work together to participate in and support the Winter Olympics, welcome the great event, build a healthy body, and contribute to the construction of a sports power and a healthy China."



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