The movies we binge-watched during BISFW’s 16-year-long history (Part II)


2010: Breakthrough

Breakthrough is a large-scale color documentary. The five rings on the Olympic flag symbolize the unity of the five continents and the friendship of athletes from all over the world. Each of these five zero-like circles has a profound meaning to for China.

In 1932, 23-year-old Northeastern University student Liu Changchun travels to Los Angeles to participate in track and field competitions on behalf of China. He is eliminated in the preliminary rounds and China’s first participation in the 10th Olympic Games is a "zero" record. Later, in the 1936 and 1948 Olympics, athletes repeatedly end up without any medals. The Western media even drew a cartoon of Chinese athletes winning the Duck Egg Award.

The founding of New China ushered in the spring of Chinese sports, created a new paradigm of breaking the "zero" and reaching the highest podium. "Out of Asia, go to the world" is no longer a slogan, but the actions and goals of Chinese athletes.


2011: Enjoy Sports

This year, the BISFW Organizing Committee launched the "New Sports Film and Television Project". It is a creative plan to encourage young film and television workers, college students and grassroots enthusiasts who have passion and dreams but no start-up funds to engage in the creation of professional sports film and television, and use audio-visual art to convey the Olympic motto of "faster, higher, stronger".

The "Enjoy Sports" One-Minute Film Program was a solicitation of sports-themed works from the general public. It received nearly a hundred works from photographers, many of which were innovative, unique in visual angle, and outstanding in expression skills, such as Sports and Youth by Zhang Ning and Zhang Han, Reaching the Limits of Youth by Deng Le, and Another Self by Zhao Ziyu.


2012: Meeting in Guangzhou

Meeting in Guangzhou was the first official film in the history of the Asian Games. The crew went deep into the five major regions of Asia, hand-picked six stories, and connected them through parallel montages. They also used cross montages to cleverly integrate the stories of China’s Dragon Boat team and the Indian Kabaddi team as well as Guangzhou’s Kabaddi promotion volunteers, Iraqi track and field athletes and Iraqi international students in Guangzhou, UAE's equestrian sport and the stable manager, Kazakhstan weightlifters and a young volunteer, the Japanese women's football team and reporters covering its game, and created a vivid “dialogue”. 

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2013: The Odyssey

To mark the fifth anniversary of the successful hosting of the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics, the BISFW Organising Committee combined the characteristics of the Olympic competition with sports creation to hold a 10-day competition for sports short films themed "My Dream".

The opening film The Odyssey is based on the extraordinary experience of Guo Chuan who set a record of 138 days of continuous voyage across the world. The film presents Guo's global voyage from preparation to departure, sailing and arrival, and reproduces his legendary experience of fighting severe weather and loneliness accompanied by only seagulls.

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2014: Ice Hockey Girls

The 10th Beijing International Sports Film Week screened nearly 60 outstanding sports film and television works from 11 countries and regions, covering various sports such as skating, rock climbing, car racing, track and field, and consisting of four sections -- ice and snow sports, multinational perspectives, sports stories and outdoor extreme sports. Among them, the ice and snow sports films section was a midsummer presentation of winter sports, cheering for Beijing and Zhangjiakou's joint bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Ice Hockey Girls is the fourth episode of the Chinese Ice and Snow Memory, a documentary representing the Chinese Winter Sports Team’s preparation for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Eight years later, the Chinese women's ice hockey team returned to the Winter Olympics.

At the 28th Sport Movies & TV - Milano International FICTS Fest held in 2010, the Ice Hockey Girls produced by CCTV Sports won the "Golden Wreath Award", the highest award in the "Olympic Spirit and Value" section.

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