Shi Xuping: China's sports films have a long way to go


The 16th Beijing International Sports Film Week online presentation officially rang down the curtain on Aug. 16, 2020. The 158 participating film and television works were broadcast simultaneously on Tencent Sports, PP Sports and other online platforms. The themes involved dozens of winter and summer Olympic events such as skating, skiing, football, basketball, gymnastics, athletics, swimming, etc., which attracted many netizens and sport fan’s attention.

So, what are the characteristics of the shortlisted films this year? What is the development trend of the Film Week over the past 16 years? What is the status quo of the development of sports films in China? Recently, the reporter had an interview with Shi Xuping, a judge of the Film Week and senior director and producer of CCTV.

Shi Xuping said it was a successful event in terms of film quantity, but the overall quality had no significant improvement. However, a documentary about an ice hockey team in Yanqing produced by Beijing TV impressed him deeply. He believed that China's sports films might still be in the exploratory stage for a long period, and would have a long way to go. “For those who are interested in engaging in sports films, I hope they can improve their humanistic qualities, broaden their horizons, cultivate their own information collection and observation skills, and learn from others,” Shi suggested. 


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