Testing program in Beijing’s Chaoyang Competition Zone focuses on six systems


"Experience Beijing" ice sports testing series were held in Chaoyang, Beijing this April. A total of 86 games of 5 events were held in three venues of Chaoyang: the National Aquatics Center, the National Stadium and the National Speed Skating Oval. Next, all working groups will continue to modify and optimize the operation and emergency plans to prepare for the test competitions in October and the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

Chaoyang District established the Chaoyang Competition Zone Organizing Committee for the overall management. The Chaoyang District Sports Bureau introduced that the test program focused on six systems, namely the command system, the security system, the internal operation system, the emergency response system, the peripheral support system, and the pandemic prevention and control system, which covered 17 aspects.

In key Olympic-related areas, in accordance with the Overall Work Plan for Urban Environment Construction and Urban Operation of Chaoyang District for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, the district carried out comprehensive management of the city appearance and environment, and strengthened the urban operation management.


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