Beijing Winter Olympics’ seven ice event testing games held today in 5 venues


On March 31, the "Experience Beijing" ice sports testing series press conference was held at the National Speed Skating Oval. According to Yao Hui, Director of the Venue Management Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, from April 1st to 10th, the Beijing Winter Olympics’ 7 ice event test games will be held at the Chaoyang District National Aquatics Center, the National Stadium and the National Speed Ska

The tests will be properly completed in accordance with the requirements of “simple, safe, and wonderful games”to lay a solid foundation for the upcoming Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. The purpose of the testing series is to inspect the venue facilities, exercise the operation team, find out the rules of running the game and run-in the working mechanism, implement the administrative guarantee, and test the operation command system.

The test will also focus on pandemic prevention and control, strictly implement various prevention and control measures in terms of personnel protection, health management and environmental sanitation, and apply high-tech means like smart clinical thermometer in the pandemic prevention and control.


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