Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee: to sum up experience, gains and losses upon the completion of ice events testing program


On March 31, the "Experience Beijing" ice sports testing series press conference was held at the National Speed Skating Oval. According to Yao Hui, Director of the Venue Management Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, said that the successful completion of the test event is the first goal, and after the test event, they will sum up the experience, gains and losses in order to prepare for the Olympic and the Paralympic Winter Games properly.


On March 31, at the National Speed Skating Oval, the ice-making car is producing ice on the track. Photo by Tao Ran, reporter from The Beijing News


"It’s only 310 days to the opening of the Winter Olympics. The preparations are becoming more urgent. We must meet the requirements of the standard competition, comprehensively summarize the experience, gains and losses of the tests and evaluation, comprehensively sort out problems found in the tests, and seize the time to correct and improve one by one. This is not only the purpose of our testing, but also a very important work in the follow-up preparations." Yao stressed.

Yao added that there are two aspects to the specific implementation, one is to rectify the hardware facilities, and the other is to optimize the operation plan. On the basis of the summing-up of the testing program, the Organizing Committee and the venues will also hold  meetings in due course to exchange experience, gains and losses, clarify the plan for the next rehearsal, and achieve a full readiness.


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