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"China Millennium Monument ∙ Family Art Fun" opened

On 10th August, the first children’s art camp in summer – “China Millennium Monument ∙ Family Art Fun” in China welcomed its 1st batch of “members” holding the “children art passports” in hands, which included scenery introduction, guidebook and art works appreciation.

The camp was divided into three areas: 1) “Art game zone”. Such games as interactive photographing, “Go with chalks”, traditional game workshops brought little members into a marvelous art world. 2) “Art life zone” combined daily life and art, a series of life-themed activities like hairstyle, body painting, kid T-stage show, another graffiti, picture book reading impressed children. 3) “Art creative zone” help kids to study common art sense and complete art creation via “Follow artists”, “Children’s picture book camp” and 3D and plane works DIY, etc.

It was introduced that this “Family Art Fun” used popular youth camp mode around world for reference. All activities were designed by child psychologists according to physical and mental characteristics of children at each age group on the principle of “diversity, experience-type and entertainment”. The sponsor also arranged service staffs to provide children introduction and explanations. In future, The “China Millennium Monument ∙ Family Art Fun” will make all-around design and refined service to build itself into an international-level children’s art experience & education brand.

This event will continue by 18th August.

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