Announcement on the Global Solicitation of Olympic Collections


To promote the Olympic spirit, improve the preservation and utilisation of Olympic legacies, enrich the Museum's collection and optimise its exhibitions, the Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) and the Beijing Olympic Museum (affiliated to the BODA’s secretariat) plan to solicit Olympic memorabilia and materials from all sectors of society in accordance with relevant laws and regulations including the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Cultural Relics and the Regulations on Museums. The announcement regarding relevant issues is as follows:

I. Target Groups: Organisations or individuals willing to make donations (“donors”)


II. Donation Principle: Non-remunerated donations.


III. Donors’ Conditions

(I) Donors must have full capacity for civil conduct and be entitled to and capable of signing legal documents.

(II) Donors shall be the legal owners of all items they intend to donate and not be implicated in any legal disputes regarding said items.

(III) Donors shall participate in the solicitation in accordance with the regulations specified during this global solicitation event.


IV. Duration: From November 28, 2021 to November 28, 2022


V. Memorabilia Accepted

(I) Typical objects and documents reflecting the history and cultural development of the Olympic Movements worldwide;

(II) Objects and documents reflecting China’s sporting history and cultural development;

(III) Significant items related to Beijing’s bid, preparation for and delivery of the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games;

(IV) Significant items related to Beijing’s bid, preparations and hosting for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games;

(V) Sportswear, accessories and souvenirs of athletes and coaches who have participated in previous editions of Olympic and Paralympic Games;

(VI) Other items of historic, scientific and artistic value related to the Olympic Games.


VI. Types of Memorabilia

Clothing, documents, telegrams, written notifications, drawings (manuscripts), medals, trophies, seals and stamps, certificates, accreditations, badges, sports equipment, props, torches, cauldrons, facilities, high-tech environment-friendly (building) materials, daily necessities, national flags, banners, books, newspapers, periodicals, compilation of documents, leaflets, banners with slogans, scrolls, posters, photos, CDs, video tapes, mannequins, artworks, souvenirs,  electronic documents, etc.


VII. Procedure

(I) Application made by donors:

Donors shall submit the Application Form for Donation and relevant documents (attached) to the solicitation e-mail address. Submitted dossiers will be reviewed by related experts and cannot be returned after submission.

(II) Selection and Assessment of Collections:

The solicitation organiser will carry out expert assessments of donated items and materials phase by phase. Priorities will be given to items which fill a gap in the museum’s collection, have special value (display or research) or characteristics or can be collected in series.

(III) Contract signing:

The solicitation organiser will contact donors with qualified items to sign the donation agreement before starting the donation procedure.

(IV) Certificate issuing:

The Museum will compile a list of donors and issue Certificates of Appreciation once the collection has been decided and finalised.


VIII. Contact Information

Contact: The Office for Global Solicitation of Olympic Collections 

Tel: +86 10 6452 9942

E-mail address:


IX. Others:

The solicitation organiser reserves the final right of interpretation for the solicitation event.

Appendix: Application Form for Donation


Beijing Olympic City Development Association

Beijing Olympic Museum

November, 28th, 2021


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