Launching of the “Splendid Olympic Winter Games” Exhibition


On 5 February 2023,as an important part of the first anniversary celebration of the Beijing 2022 Games, the “Splendid Olympic Winter Games” thematic exhibition hosted by the Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) opened at the National Speed Skating Oval. Officials and representatives of Beijing 2022, BODA, venue owner, athletes, and residents of surrounding communities presented at the launching ceremony.


The exhibition, beginning on 4 February 2023, will last until mid-March. The exhibition reviews the whole process of delivering the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, with carry on the Games legacy at the core. There are four units: Wonderful Games, Glorious History, the Spirit of the Beijing 2022 Games, and the Legacy of Games. In terms of form, the use of graphics and text dominates, supplemented by the display of physical objects and multimedia presentation. 



While the National Speed Skating Oval is the main exhibition venue, the exhibition was also launched simultaneously at the Big Air Shougang and Shougang Ice Hockey Arena, and Yanqing Olympic Village. On 5 February, Yanqing released its sustainability achievements at the exhibition site, including Yanqing District Three-Year Action Plan for Developing an Outdoor Sport City (2023-2025). At the same time, a list of outdoor sport routes and recommended tourist attractions were released.





The exhibition is in close proximity to ice and snow activities. All the exhibition sites are close to ice and snow venues. Visitors heading to the National Speed Skating Oval can book the exhibition ticket on the venue’s official account on WeChat and admission is free of charge; visitors heading to the Yanqing Olympic Village can enter the Yanqing Olympic Park for free to watch the exhibition; visitors to Big Air Shougang can purchase tickets to Shougang Park Winter Carnival, which will grant them event promotional leaflets, admission to the exhibition for free and a visit to the top of the Big Air.  


The exhibition is also an attempt BODA makes to serve the post-Games venue use in collaboration with Olympic venue.


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