Introduction to Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA)---Inherit Olympics and Promote D

With the guidance of scientific outlook on development, the development concept of “Humanistic Beijing, High-tech Beijing and Green Beijing”, BODA will fulfill Olympics, inherit heritage, develop Beijing, service the society and do well-being of the people. The public welfare establishments like the Olympic culture, sports, education, volunteer and the disabled are energetically accelerated by full use of the successful material and spiritual heritage from the Olympic Games; the international communication and cooperation is carried out in the following fields to give play to the unique role in Beijing’s world city construction and international sports center construction.

BODA will work with the Olympic legacy work, go deep into the scientific development perspective and service "Three Beijing" construction,focusing on the central task and serving the overall interests, to support the related business departments and establish a good coordination mechanism, promoting the city's Olympic legacy work and the development of Beijing city.

By the Olympic heritage, the sport culture and sportsmanship of the Olympic, BODA will integrate into work to promote the mass sports, youth sports and volunteer work to promote the social harmony and man's all-round development.

With the Olympic heritage and dissemination of the Olympic culture and enriching people’s colorful culture life, BODA will try to build up the Olympic Games sports culture brand with the characteristic and the vitality to promote the development of Beijing cultural creative industry.

With the Olympic heritage, construction of "Green Beijing" and advocating "Green Life", BODA will advocate green consumption to promote low-carbon living and encourage the green travel, promotingGreen Beijing construction.

With the Olympic heritage and Beijing world city construction, BODA will make full use of the international resources formed by the Olympic Games, consolidate the expansion foreign exchange channel, promoting the capital’s high-end and internationalizationdevelopment.

With the Olympic heritage work and urban civilization, BODA will inherit the Olympic spirit wealth, and keepthe Beijing Olympic memory fresh toenrich the spiritual connotation of the city and construct the urban civilization of the Olympic Games.


BODA has created “Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival”. Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival will be held from 8th August to 6th September every year to conduct the Comprehensive Olympic sports cultural activities-“Beijing Olympic City Sports Culture Festival” at the center of Olympic Sport Parkas the main meeting place with the related organizations and institutions. The festival will start with sports and cultural events on 8th August National Fitness Day and consist ofBeijing Olympic City Development forum, physical education literature and art match, International Sports Movie Week, many exhibition activities, nationwide fitness programs and the aestivating theme activities for people loving to see and hear.

2、Olympic Education & Volunteer Service

Together with the Olympic Education Demonstration and Heart-to-Heart Schools, ten thousand of head teachers and teachers trained by Olympic and cooperation with Beijing Municipal Education Commission and Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau, BODA will organize a series of Olympic education activities in middle and primary schools like essay-writing, photography, drawing and singing contests suited to primary and secondary students to encourage young people to lead a healthy life style, drive the construction of Beijing Olympics Educational Base and guide the younger generation to carry on the Olympic spirit and sponsors of the future Olympic Games. Meanwhile, BODA will play a supporting role in volunteering work. Moreover, the popularization of green life, green consumption and low-carbon life will also be a key task of BODA to initiate the healthy life style and promote the construction of the Green Beijing.

3、Platforms Construction

BODA will fully utilize the platforms such as “Olympic Club” and “World Union of Olympic Cities” to promote the capital city’s development. It will focus on the organization, management, communication and service works for Olympic talent pool and take advantage of Olympic expert team to support Beijing’s transformation of the economic growth model. And BODA will also strengthen the exchange and communication with other Olympic cities, actively construct platforms, expand market, and involve related organizations, local governments to visit other Olympic cities for exchange and promotion, so as to attract more capital, intelligence, and projects for economic and social development of Beijing.

4、Olympic knowledge and legacy management

Exerting the long-term efficiency of Olympic intellectual property and keeping close cooperation with the related research institutions and institutions of higher learning, BODA aims toformulate a Beijing Olympic Knowledge Achievement and Olympic Legacy Management as a complete“Beijing Olympic Games Knowledge Hierarchy”, on which the intellectual legacy could be transferred to applying and preparing Olympic Games and the large-scale events and activities to upgrade the city influence of Beijing. BODA will arrange to edit and publish the books, picture albums and audiovisual products on the Olympics. BODA will launch the impact and research of Olympic Games and tend to track the post-Games utilities of the Olympic venues, and timely conclude a report and drive a new round marketing of Beijing Olympic mascots to promote the culture creation industry in the city of Beijing.

5、Olympic External Communication

BODA will go on communication with the International Olympic Committee and attend themeetings and academic activities held by the International Olympic Committee and World Sports Organization to paly a positive role in International Olympic Committee city alliance to promote the communication with Olympic cities; keeping close cooperation with Chinese Olympic Committee; positively applying for and undertaking the large-scale international congress and sports event; developing cooperative relations with IOC, UN and other international organizations; focusing on the world topics and Beijing’s practical situation to create and carry out the world or regional meetings and sport culture activities, such as make efforts to enhance the influences of the Beijing Olympic City Development Forum and Beijing International Sports Film Week as the international activities.

6、Management and Operation of the Surplus Funds of Beijing Olympic Games

BODA will make a strategic plan to manage the fund surplus of Beijing Olympic Games on a reasonable basis; implement studies and trainings on the running and management of the fund to keep and increase its value; set up Beijing Olympic City Development Foundation to manage the appropriative funds for public welfare and promote the sustainable development of the Olympic cause in the city.

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