Message from Chairman Liu Qi

On the occasion of celebrating the first anniversary of Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing Olympic City Development Association (BODA) is officially set up. It is a major step forward in further promoting the development of Beijing with Olympic legacies. On behalf of the CPC Beijing Committee and the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, I would like to warmly congratulate BODA’s establishment and extend my heartfelt thanks to all the friends who have actively participated in the preparation of BODA and firmly supported the cause of Beijing Olympic city development!

With the strong leadership of the Party and the government, the enthusiastic participation of people all over the country and great support of the international community, the Beijing Olympic & Paralympic Games realized the targets of “high-level Olympic Games with distinguishing features” and “two games, equal splendor”. The games have left China and Beijing a precious material, spiritual and cultural wealth. BODA will carry forward the Olympic spirit, expand the Olympic achievements and boost the sustainable development of the Olympic & Paralympic causes by mobilizing and organizing social forces on a wide basis. By actively participating in the activities of international Olympic sports and cultural exchanges and expanding the channels of international communications and cooperation, BODA will also serve the construction of “Humanistic Beijing, Hi-Tech Beijing and Green Beijing” and accelerate the development of Beijing to be a modern developed city and an international sports and culture center.

I believe, under the guidance of the concepts of ”Humanistic Beijing, Hi-Tech Beijing and Green Beijing“, and with the active participation and sincere contribution of all social circles, Beijing will surely embrace a more prosperous future at a new starting point.

Liu Qi

Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee

Secretary of Beijing Municipal CPC Committee

Chairman of Beijing Olympic City Development Association

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