Congratulatory Letter from President Rogge

A year ago, the Beijing Olympic Games wrote a thrilling chapter in Olympic history. Thanks to the joint efforts of the Beijing Organising Committee chaired by Liu Qi, the Chinese Olympic Committee, and the public authorities, and to enthusiasm and support coming from throughout China, these Games were truly exceptional, with a strong identity and perfect organisation.

These Games left a fantastic legacy for Beijing and China, as well as for the Olympic Movement, whether it be the venues built, the public infrastructures upgraded, the greening of the city or the way thousands of children were made aware of Olympic values and education. If there is just one benefit to single out from these Games, I would say that, thanks to these Games, the world learnt more about China, and China learnt more about the rest of the world.

Today, with the newly created Beijing Olympic City Development Association, the legacy of the 2008 Beijing Games could not have a better image. I would like to congratulate the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality and the founding organisational members, including the Chinese Olympic Committee, for having established such a commendable initiative, which shows how sport can be used as a vehicle to bring people together and as a means for positive change in society by carrying forward the Olympic spirit.

On behalf of the Olympic Movement, I would like to convey my greetings and best wishes to the new Beijing Olympic City Development Association. I wish you all an enjoyable first anniversary celebration of the Beijing Olympic Games.

Kindest regards,

Jacques Rogge

President of International Olympic Committee

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